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Child / Roud / Laws references

I'm adding references to Child Ballads, Roud Ballads, and Laws Ballads, and cross-references to the various song pages (links on right).

Note, these are far from complete, merely listing those in this database.

Any errors or omissions bounce them back to me and I'll update.

Design Update

Hopefully I've now updated all existing pages. If you come across any errors or any old-style pages (with weird characters) contact me via the contact us page in the usual way.


I've just installed a new feedback page at Feedback. So If you have any feedback, or wish to contact us, please use the form.

Song Books

Following on from a site re-write, I am now including 3 Song Book groups of pages and merging them with it the old lyrics pages. They are folksongs, religious songs and contemporary songs. Each will, using ABC format music, be able to not only display the music for the songs (if available), but will also have to ability to download the tune and when printed on A4 sheet of paper provide a reasonable hard copy.


Many of the songs have originated from one or more collections. These collections appear in the "Collections" group of pages, each with their own index. An overall alphabetic index appears at the root page of the "Tunebook" group of pages.

Site Errors

Please note, at this moment (end July 2019) I am still updating site, so there may be some stange errors due to old style pages still being in existence. Please bear with me and I'll deal with all this ASAP.

On the move!

Folk lyrics website is now fully installed in it's new home. There will be some alterations to things like layout but this time the page names won't change. Also as it is now 'in bed' with my other main site http://classic-sf.com, I should get more edits and additions done.

Have fun