Download the zip file, unzip and copy the files to the appropiate folders - Cookbook, Pub, wikilib.d

In the config.php file, include the recipe in the usual way using include_once('cookbook/abcmedia.php');


There are currently 2 options

  1. To order the songs including any leading the/a or to ignore it. The default is to ignore it. If you wish to include the leading the/a then set before the include line - $IgnoreArticle=1;
  2. You may have as many song groups as you want. The default is Songbook. Any others may be added by adding the group name to the array $SongGroup again in config.php prior to inclusion.

For example:

  $SongGroup = array("NewGroup", "MyGroup");

If you do create a new group, you need to copy the 'home page' for the default group Songbook.Songbook to the new group 'home page' NewGroup.NewGroup


A demonstration site has been set up with 1 song available, at http://s593332318.websitehome.co.uk/abcmedia/pmwiki/pmwiki.php to show the recipe working with a number of the skins

New Tune

To create a new page is pretty much the same as any other PmWiki site. Either create a link or type in the camel cased name in the address bar. What will be displayed is a blank page with just a media play/progress bar. Click on edit and enter the ABC data foir that song or tune . Save and all being well, the tune will be displayed.

Edit Tune

Editing a page is also the same as a normal wiki page, just using ABC Notation.

If you select to display ABC data, when a page is being displayed, the ABC data can be temporarily edited - a sort of sandbox. The noted being edited will be highlited on the score. Similarly when a note is selected, its code is highlighted. In then mode, any changed ar lost when you move on to another page.


I have sort of implemented categories on the demonstration website, just to indicate how it could be done. 'The Ballad of Old Seth Davy' for example has been designated as a 'Music Hall' song. Just remember to put the % at the begining of the line so that the JS will ignore it.