Folk Song

X:1 T:Abdulla Bulbul Ameer C:Percy French M:3/4 L:1/4 S:Internet N:Music Hall Song


B:After The Campfire Song Book Z:Webmaster 05/01/2020 K:D z2 F | F E ^D | E F G | B A ^G | A2 (A/2A/2) | dcd | edB | A3 | w:Oh, the sons of the Pro-phet are har-dy and grim And quite un-a-ccus-tomed to fear z2 A | AEE | EFG | BAF | d2F | AAA | GFE | (D3 | D) z2|| w:But none were so reck-less of life or of limb as Ab-du-lla Bul-bul Am-eer. % W:1 Oh, the sons of the Prophet are hardy and grim W:And quite unaccustomed to fear W:But none were so reckless of life or of limb W:As Abdulla Bulbul Ameer. W: W:2 When they wanted a man to encourage the van W:Or to harass the foe in the rear W:Or to take a redoubt they would always send out W:For Abdulla Bulbul Ameer. W: W:3 There are heroes in plenty, and well known to fame W:In the ranks that were led by the Czar, W:But the bravest of all was a man by the name W:Of Ivan Potschjinski Skidar. W: W:4 He could imitate Toole, play Euchre and Pool W:And perform on the Spanish guitar. W:In fact quite the cream of the Muscovite team W:Was Ivan Potschjinski Skidar. W:. W:5 One morning the Russian had shouldered his gun W:And assumed his most truculent sneer W:And was walking down town when he happened to run W:Into Abdulla Bulbul Ameer. W: W:6 "Young man," says Bulbul, "can your life be so dull W:That you're anxious to end your career? W:For, infidel, know you have trod on the toe W:Of Abdulla Bulbul Ameer. W: W:7 Take your ultimate look upon sunshine and brook, W:Make your latest remarks on the war; W:Which I mean to imply you're going to die, W:Mr. Count Cask-o-whisky Cigar." W: W:8 Said the Russian, "My friend, my remarks in the end W:Would avail you but little, I fear, W:For you'll never survive to repeat them alive, W:Mr. Abdulla Bulbul Ameer." W: W:9 Then the bold Mameluke drew his trusty chiboque W:And shouted "Il Allah Akbar" W:And being intent upon slaughter, he went W:For Ivan Potschjinski Skidar. W: W:10 But just as his knife had abstracted his life W:(In fact he was shouting "Huzza!") W:He felt himself struck by that subtle Calmuck, W:Count Ivan Potschjinski Skidar. W: W:11 The Consul drove up in his red-crested fly W:To give the survivor a cheer, W:He arrived just in time to exchange a goodbye W:With Abdulla Bulbul Ameer. W: W:12 And Skobeleff, Gourko and Gorsechekoff too W:Drove up on the Emperor's car W:But all they could do was cry "och-whilliloo!" W:With Ivan Potschjinski Skidar. W: W:13 There's a grave where the waves of the Blue Danube roll, W:And on it in characters clear W:Is: "Stranger, remember to pray for the soul W:Of Abdulla Bulbul Ameer." W: W:14 A Muscovite maiden her vigil doth keep W:By the light of the true lover's star W:And the name that she murmurs so sadly in sleep W:Is Ivan Potschjinski Skidar. % % % % %