Folk Song

X:1 T:All Through The Night


M:4/4 L:1/4 N: %[optional fields] Z:Webmaster K:F % F3/2 E/2 D F | G3/2 F/2 E C | D2 E3/2 E2 | F4 | w:Deep the sil-ence round us sprea-ding. All through the night- F3/2 E/2 D F | G3/2 F/2 E C | D2 E3/2 E2 | F4 | w:Dark the path that we are trea-ding. All through the night- B A B c | d c B A | B A G F | A G F E | w:Still the com-ing day dis-cer-ning, By the hope with-in us burn-ing, F3/2 E/2 D F | F3/2 F/2 E C | D2 E3/2 E2 | F4 || w:To the dawn our foot-steps tur-ning. All through the night % W:1 Deep the silence round us spreading. W:All through the night W:Dark the path that we are treading. W:All through the night W:Still the coming day discerning, W:By the hope within us burning, W:To the dawn our footsteps turning. W:All through the night W: W:2 Star of faith, the dark adorning, W:All through the night W:Leads us fearless t’wards the morning. W:All through the night W:Though our hopes be wrapped in sorrow, W:From the hope of dawn we borrow W:Promise of a glad tomorrow. W:All through the night. % % % % %