Folk Song

X:1 T:Blow The Man Down


M:6/8 L:1/4 N:Sea Song %[optional fields] Z:Webmaster K:D F/2 | A/2B/2A/2 G/2E/2G/2 | A/2B/2A/2 F D/4F/4 | A3/2 B3/2 | G3/4F/4G/2 E F/2 | w:Come all ye young fel-lows that fol-low the sea, With a yeo-ho! blow the man down! And G/2A/2G/2 E/2C/2E/2 | G/2F/2E/2 B3/2 | A/2A/2A/2 A G/2 | F3/4E/4F/2 D z/2 || w:please pay at-tent-ion and hear-ken to me Give us some room to blow the man down W: W:1 Come all ye young fellows that follow the sea, W:With a yeo-ho! We’ll blow the man down! W:And please pay attention and hearken to me W:Give us some room to blow the man down W: W:2 On board a Black Baller I first served my time W:And in that Black Baller I wasted my time W: W:3 There were tinkers and tailors and sailors and all W:That shipped for good seamen aboard the Black Ball W: W:4 Tis larboard and starboard, you jump to the call W:When kicking Jack Williams commands the black ball. % % % % %