Folk Song

X:1 T:Blow Ye Winds Westerly C:Trad N:Sea Song N:Working Song Z:Webmaster K: W:1 Come all you bold fishermen, listen to me, W:I'll sing you a song of the fish in the sea. W:ch So blow ye winds westerly, westerly blow, W:We're bound to the southward, so steady we go. W: W:2 First comes the bluefish a-wagging his tail, W:He comes up on deck and yells, "All hands make sail!" W: W:3 Next come the herrings with their little tails, W:They manned sheets and halyards and set all the sails. W: W: 4 Next comes the porpoise with his short snout, W:He jumps on the bridge and yells, "Ready about!" W: W:5 Next comes the swordfish, the scourge of the sea, W:The order he gives is, "Helm's a-lee!" W: W:6 Then comes the mackerel with his striped back, W:He flops on the bridge and yells, "Board the main tack!" W: W:7 Next comes the flounder quite fresh from the ground, W:Crying, "Damn your eyes, chucklehead, mind where you sound!" W: W:8 Along comes the shark with his three rows or teeth, W:He, flops on the foreyard and takes a snug reef. W: W:9 Next comes the whale, the largest of all, W:Singing out from the bridge, "Haul taut, mainsail, haul!" W: W:10 Then comes the catfish with his chucklehead, W:Out in the main chains for a heave of the lead. W: W:Up 11 jumps the fisherman, stalwart and grim, W:And with his big net he scoops them all in. % % % % %