Folk Song

X:1 T:Bonnie Dundee C:Trad Scotland Z:Webmaster K: W:1 Tae the Lords o' convention 'twas Claverhouse spoke, W:"E'er the King's crown go down there are crowns to be broke, W:So each cavalier who loves honour and me, W:Let him follow the bonnets o' Bonnie Dundee. W: W:2 Come fill up my cup, come fill up my can, W:Come saddle my horses and call out my men; W:Unhook the West Port and let us gae free, W:For it's up with the bonnets o' Bonnie Dundee;. W: W:3 Dundee he is mounted and he rides up the street, W:The bells tae ring backward and the drums tae are beat, W:But the provost douce man says just let it be, W:For the toon is well rid o' that devil Dundee. W: W:4 There are hills beyond Pentland and hills beyond Forth, W:Be there lords in the south, there are chiefs in the north, W:There are brave dunniwassels, three thousand times three, W:Cry hey for the bonnets o' Bonnie Dundee. W: W:5 So awa tae the hills, tae the lee and the rocks, W:Ere I own a usurper I'll couch with the fox, W:So tremble false Whigs in the mid'st o' yer glee, W:For ye've no seen the last o' my bonnets and me. % % % % %