Folk Song

X:1 T:Cam Ye By Athol C:Trad Scotland N: K: W:1 Cam' ye by Athol lad wi' the philabeg? W:Doun by the Tummel, or banks or the Garry? W:Saw ye the lads, wi' their bonnets and white cockades, W:Leaving their mountains to follow Prince Charlie? W: W:chorus Follow thee, follow thee, wha wadna follow thee, W:Lang 'last thou lo'ed, and trusted us fairly; W:Charlie, Charlie, wha wadna follow thee, W:King o' the hielan' hearts, bonnie Prince Charlie. W: W:2 I ha's but ae son, my gallant young Donald, W:But if I had ten, they should follow Glengarry; W:Health to Macdonald, and gallant clan Ronald W:For these are the men that will die for their Charlie? W: W:3 I'll to Lochiel and Appin, and kneel to them; W:Doun by Lord Murray and Roy o' Kildairlie; W:Brave Mckintosh he shall fly to the field wi' them, W:These are the lads I can trust wi' my Charlie. W: W:4 Doun thro' the Lowlands, doun wi' the Whigamore, W:Loyal true Highlanders, doun wi' them rarely: W:Ronald and Donald drive on wi' the braid claymore, W:Over the necks o' the foes o' Prince Charlie. % % % % %