Folk Song

X:1 T:Dick Derby The Cobbler C:Trad K:C W: W:1 Oh me name is Dick Darby, I'm a cobbler W:I served me time at the old camp W:Some call me an old agitator W:But now I'm resolved to repent W: W:(chorus) With me intwing of an ingtwing of an ido W:With me intwing of an ingtwing of an iy-ay W:With me roo boo boo roo boo boo randy W:And me last it keeps wearing away W: W:2 Now my father was hung for sheep stealing W:Me mother was burned for a witch W:My sister's a dandy housekeeper W:And I'm a mechanical switch W: W:3 Ah it's forty long years I have traveled W:All by the contents of me pack W:Me hammers, me awls, and me pinches W:I carry them all on me back W: W:4 Oh my wife she is humpy, she's lumpy W:My wife, she's the devil, she's black W:And no matter what I may do with her W:Her tongue it goes clickety clack W: W:5 It was early one fine summer's morning W:A little before it twas day W:I dipped her three times in the river W:And carelessly bad her "Good day" % % % % %]