Folk Song

X:1 T:Down Among The Dead Men C:Trad R: reel Z: Webmaster M: C| L: 1/8 K: Em B2 |"Em"e2e^d e2B2 | "Am"c2A2 "B7"B3B | "Am"c2cB "D"A2G2 | "D7"d2D2 "G"G4 |"Em"e2^d2 e2B2 | "Am"c2BA "B7"B3B | "Am"c2B2 "D"A2G2 | "D7"d2D2 "G"G3 || B |"Em"e3^d e3f | "D7"g2f2 "G"g4 | "G"GABc d2d2 | "Am"ABcd e2e2 |"C"e4 "G"d4 | "D7"c4 "G"B4 "I"| "Em"gfe^d "Am"e2A2 | "B7"B2B2 "Em"E2 |] W: W:1 Here's a health to the King and a lasting peace W:To faction an end, to wealth increase! W:Come, let's drink it while we have breath, W:For there's no drinking after death. W:And he that will this health deny, W: W:(chorus) Down among the dead men, down among the dead men, W:Down, down, down, down, Down among the dead men, let him lie. W:. W:2 Let charming beauty's health go round, W:In whom celestial joys are found. W:And may confusion still pursue W:The senseless woman hating crew; W:And they that woman's health deny, W: W:3 In smiling Bacchus' joys I'll roll, W:Deny no pleasure to my soul; W:Let Bacchus' health round briskly move, W:For Bacchus is a friend to love. W:And he that will this health deny, W: W:4 May love and wine their rites maintain, W:And their united pleasures reign; W:While Bacchus' treasure crowns the board W:We'll sing the joys that both afford. W:And he that won't with us comply. % % % % %]