Folk Song

X:1 T:Drink Old Aston Dry T:Aston Pub Crawl N:In the 1960's a lot of Birmingham (UK) was being redeveloped and a lot of N:the older areas, especially around Aston, near Birmingham, had their N:older buildings pulled down. Amongst them were the favourite watering N:holes (pubs) of many people. N:To comemorate their passing and to keep their names and memories of N:them alive, Ian Campbell re-wrote an existing old song Drink Old N:England Dry and called it Drink Old Aston Dry or The Aston Pub Crawl. C:Ian Campbell K:C W:1 Up jumped The Duke Of Wellington Into The Avenue W:He said to Royal George we must see what we can do. W:The Old Turks Heads arising and to save The Globe I'll fly W:That's fine said George but first we'll drink Old Aston dry. W:. W:(chorus) Dry me boys, dry me boys, dry me brave boys dry W:That's fine said George but first we'll drink Old Aston dry. W: W:2 Up gallops Bold Prince Rupert up to the Golden Cross W:And as into The Paddock, he turns his Black Horse W:Oh let a Sportsman in he says, and then before I die W:I'll join the Golden Cross to rink Old Aston dry. W: W:3 Old Oliver Cromwell in The Stave Oak sat him down W:For the sake of Old Albion I must destroy The Crown W:The Royal Oak will wither, in The Tower he will die W:He'll never get the chance to drink Old Aston dry. W: W:4 The White Swan and The Eagle were in The Travellers Rest W:They asked The Dog And Duckto choose which of them was the best. W:Don't argue said The Old Bulls Head then blinked A Weary Eye W:But join with us and help to drink Old Aston dry. W: W:5 The Gong Makers gathered into The Clements Arms W:To organise a Union they thought would do no harm W:The Shareholders and The Royal Exchange they wanted to defy W:But first they had to drink Old Aston Dry % % % % % %]