Folk Song

X:1 T: Z:Webmaster C:Trad R: H: D: Z: M: L: O: N: S: K: W: W:(chorus) Green is Flodgary, blue is the sea, W:Born here the lassie tae guide oor Prince free. W: W:1 Westward the wild wind, high runs the sea, W:Heaving the shallop by Broad Lea Eig Bay. W:I have but one love; lass, trim the sail, W:Run in behind us, loyalty as well. W: W:2 Come ye young Ramsay, hold fast the helm, W:The Long Ship is heavin' by Loch Scavaig Bay, W:Come wi' me lassie turn ye not hame, W:Come where the west wind is kind tae its ane. W: W:3 Pull hard my heroes the eagle tae flee, W:Doon by Loch Yuma the Tall Ship runs free, W:Flora was taken doon by Portree, W:Bound for the tower and maybe tae dee. % % % % %