Folk Song

X:1 T:I'm Going For A Soldier Jenny C:words W.H. Bellamy C:music S. Nelson N:Published in Blackwood's Ladys Magazine 1849 K:C W: W:1 I'm going for a soldier, Jenny, W:Going o'er the rolling sea, W:They've given me a golden guinea, W:That they say has listed me. W: W:(chorus) And I'm off to fight for the army W:As a Lancashire fusilier W:Holding me musket in me arms W:Instead of me Jenny dear W: W:2 'Tis no use to fall a crying, W:Give your senseless weeping o'er, W:Many a day you have heard me sighing W:You should have been kind before. W: W:3 'Tis very fine and pretty, Jenny, W:Now to wish that I should stay, W:But, indeed, I'm thinking, Jenny, W:We'll not meet this many a day. W: W:4 What if heart and spirit sinking ? W:What if I should come to shame? W:Be it as it may, I'm thinking, W:You alone will be to blame. W: W:5 Long and dearly I have loved you, W:As you must full well have known, W:If I had not faithless proved you, W:I had never reckless grown: W: W:6 But, fare you well, the hours are flying W:Time it is that I was gone, trying, W:When next another heart you are W:Jenny, look unto your own. % % % % % titlefont Arial bold