Folk Song

X:1 T: Lewis Bridal Song Z:Webmaster K: W:(chorus) W:Step we gaily on we go W:Heel for heel and toe for toe, W:Arm in arm and row on row W:All for Marie's wedding. W: W:1 W:Over the hill ways up and down W:Myrtle green and bracken brown, W:Past the shielings through the town W:All for sake of Marie. W: W:2 W:Red of cheeks as rowans are W:Bright her eyes as any star, W:Fairest o' them all by far W:Is our darling Marie. W: W:3 W:Plenty herring, plenty meal, W:Peat to fill a muckle creel, W:Plenty bonny bairns as weel, W:That's our toast for Marie. % % % % %