Folk Song

X:1 T:Lilliburlero B:Irish Street Ballads, Colm O'Lochlainn N:transposed from key of E N:Many sets of words have been written to this tune. M:6/8 L:1/8 K:G |: "G"GAG B2B | "D"ABA c3 | "G"BdG "C"c2B | "D"AGF "G"G3 :: "G"{f}g2f g2d | "(F)"de=f "C"e2d | | "G"def "(C)"gfe | "G"dcB "D"A2d | "C"edc "G"Bcd | "C"edc "G"Bcd | "G"edB "C"c2B | "D"AGF "G"G3 :| W:Ho, brother Teague, dost hear the decree? Lilliburlero, bullen a la. W:That we shall have a new deputy. Lilliburlero, bullen a la. W:(ch) W:Lero, lero, lilliburlero, Lilliburlero, bullen a la. W:Lero, lero, lilliburlero, Lilliburlero, bullen a la. W:. W:Ho, by my soul it is the Talbot, W:And he will cut all the English throat. W:. W:Though by my soul the English do prate, W:The law's on their side and Christ knows what. W:. W:But if dispense do come from the Pope, W:We'll hang Magna Carta and them on a rope. W:. W:And the good Talbot is made a Lord, W:And he with brave lads is coming abroad. W:. W:Who all in France have taken a swear, W:That they will have no Protestant Heir. W:. W:Oh, but why does he stay behind? W:Ho, by my soul 'tis a Protestant wind. W:. W:Now Tyrconnel is coming ashore, W:And we shall have commissions galore. W:. W:And he that will not go to Mass, W:Shall turn out and look like an ass. W:. W:Now, now the heretics all go down, W:By Christ and St Patrick the nation's our own. W:. W:There was an old prophecy found in a bog, W:That we should be ruled by an ass and a dog. W:. W:Now the old prophecy has come to pass, W:Talbot's a dog, Tyrconnel's the ass. % % % % %