Folk Song

X:1 T:Real Old Mountain Dew C:Trad Z:Webmaster K: W:1 W:Let grass grow, and waters flow, W:In a free and easy way, W:But give me enough of the fine old stuff W:That's made near Galway Bay. W:Oh, peelers all, from Donegal. W:Galway and Antrim too - W:We'll give them the slip and we'll take a sip W:Of the real old mountain dew. W:. W:2 W:At the foot of the hill there's a neat little still W:Where the smoke curls up to the sky. W:By the smoke and the smell you can plainly tell W:That there's whisky brewing nearby. W:For it fills the air with odour rare, W:And betwixt both me and you, W:When home you roll you can take a bowl W:Or a bucket of the mountain dew. W: W:3 W:Now learned men who use the pen W:Who've wrote your' praises high, W:This sweet 'pocheen' (potion) from W:Ireland's green Distilled from wheat and rye. W:Throw away your pills - it'll cure all ills W:Of pagan or Christian, Jew. W:Take off your coat and free your throat W:With the real old mountain dew. % % % % %