Folk Song

X:1 T:Skewball Z:Webmaster


M:3/4 L:1/4 K:Bb z2 F| B c d| c B2-| B3-| B z B| B c d| c3-| c3| z2 c/2c/2| c/2 d3/2 e| d c2-| c3-| c2 c/2c/2| A/2 B3/2 c| B3-| B3-| B2 z| W:1 W:You gallant sportsmen all, pray listen to me story W:It's of the bold Skewball, that noble racing pony W:Arthur Marvel was the man that brought bold Skewball over W:He's the diamond of the land and he rolls around in clover W: W:2 W:Oh, the cattle were brought out with saddle, whip and bridle W:And the gentlemen did shout when they saw the gallant riders W:And some did cry hooray and the air was thick with curses W:And on the grey Griselda the sportsmen laid their purses W: W:3 W:Oh, the trumpet it did sound and they shot off like an arrow W:They scarcely touched the ground and the going it was narrow W:But Griselda passed him by and the sportsmen all did holler W:“Oh, the grey will win the day and Skewball he can follow.” W: W:4 W:In the middle of the track up spoke the noble rider W:“I fear we must fall back for she's running like a tiger.” W:Up spoke the gallant horse, “Ride on, ride on, my master, W:For we're half way round the course and now you'll see who's faster.” W: W:5 W:And as they did discourse, bold Skewball flew like lightning W:He dashed around the course and the grey mare she was taken W:“Bet on my noble lord, for the good two hundred guineas, W:And me saddle shall be of gold when we pick up our winnings.” W: W:6 W:Well, past the winning post, bold Skewball won so handy W:And horse and rider both called for sherry wine and brandy W:And they drank to that grey mare, the gallant Miss Griselda W:And all who'd lost their money on the sporting plains of Kildare % % % % %]