Folk Song

X:1 T:The Calton Weaver C:Trad N:Working Song Z:Webmaster K: W:1 I'm a weaver, a Calton weaver, W:I'm a rash and a roving blade, W:I've got siller in my pouches, W:I'll gang follow the roving trade. W: W:chorus: Whiskey, whiskey, Nancy Whiskey, W:Whiskey, whiskey, Nancy~o. W: W:2 As I cam' in by Glesca city, W:Nancy Whiskey I chanced to smell, W:So I gaed in, sat doon beside her, W:Seven long years I lo'ed her well. W: W:3 The mair I kissed her the mair W:I lo'ed The mair I kissed her the mair she smiled W:And I forgot my mither's teaching, W:Nancy soon had me beguiled. W: W:4 I woke up early in the morning, W:To slake my drouth it was my need, W:I tried to rise but wasna able, W: Nancy had me by the heid. W: W:5 C'wa, landlady, whit's the lawin. W:Tell me whit there is to pay. W:Fifteen shillings is the reckoning, W:Pay me quickly and go away. W: W:6 As I went by Glesca city, W: Nancy Whiskey I chanced to smell; W:I gaed in drank four and sixpence, W:A't was left was a crooked scale. W: W:7 I'll gang back to the Calton weaving, W:I'll surely make the shuttles fly, W:I'll make more at the Calton weaving, W:Than ever I did in the roving way. W: W:8 Come all ye weavers, Calton weavers, W:A' ye weavers where e'er ye be; W:Beware of whiskey, Nancy Whiskey, W:She'll ruin you as she ruined me % % % % %