Folk Song

(:title The De'ils Awa' Wi' The Exiseman X:1 T:The De'ils Awa' Wi' The Exiseman Z:Webmaster K: W: W:1 The de'il cam' fiddlin' through the toon, W:And he's danced away wi' the exiseman, W:And ilka wife cries "Auld Mahoon, W:And I wish ye luck wi' your prize man." W: W:(chorus) The de'il's awa' , the de'il's awa', the de'il's awa' wi' th'exiseman, W:He's danced awa', he's danced awa', he's danced awa' wi' th'exiseman. W: W:2 We'll mak' oor maut and we'll brew oor drink W:We'll sing and dance and rejoice man, W:And many braw thanks tae meikle black de'il W:That danced awa' wi' the exiseman. W: W:3 There's threesome reels, and there's fowersome reels W:And there's hornpipes and Strathspeys man, W:But aye the best dance ever cam' tae the land W:Was the de'il's awa' wi' th'exiseman. % % % % %]