Folk Song

X:1 T:The Trooper Watering His Nag Z:Webmaster C:Trad


M:4/4 L:1/8 K:C G| cc e2 cc e2| cc e2 d3 G| c3 d e3 d|c-de-f g3| g| w:There was an old wo-man lived un-der a hill, Sing tro-lly, lo-lly, lo-lly, lo-lly, lo! She g2 G2 G2c-B| A2 F2 A2E-F| G2 EF G2 EF| F2 AB c3|| w:had good beer and ale for to sell: Ho_ ho! Had she so? Had she so? Had she so? W:There was an old woman lived under a hill, W:(chorus)Sing trolly, lolly, lolly, lolly, lo! W:She had good beer and ale for to sell: W:(chorus)Ho, ho! Had she so? Had she so? Had she so? W:. W:She had a daughter, her name was Siss, W:She kept her at home for to welcome her guests: W:. W:There came a trooper riding by, W:He called for drink most plentifully: W:. W:When one pot was out, he called for another, W:He kissed the daughter before the mother: W:. W:And when night came on, to bed they went, W:It was with the mother's own consent: W:. W:Quoth she: What is this, so stiff and warm? W:'Tis Ball, my nag! He will do you no harm! W:. W:But what is this, hangs under his chin? W:'Tis the bag he puts his provender in! W:. W:Quoth he: What is this? Quoth she: 'Tis a well, W:Where Ball your nag may drink his fill! W:. W:But what if my nag should chance to slip in? W:Then catch hold of the grass that grows on the brim! W:. W:But what if the grass should chance to fail? W:Shove him in by the head: Pull him out by the tail! % % % % %]