Folk Song

X:1 T:Two Young Brethren T:The Jolly Ploughboys Z:Webmaster


M:3/4 L:1/8 K:G E-F| G2 G2D-F| G2 G2 D2|E-FG-F A2| D4 AA| A3- B| cA| d3 c B2| A4 DD|

 A3 Bc-B| d2 B2G-A| B2 G2 E2| E2- D2 DD| 

G2 B2 d2|d-c B2 A2| G4|| W:1 W:Come all jolly ploughmen and help me to sing, W:I will sing in the praise of you all, W:If a man he don't labour how can he get bread? W:I will sing and make merry withal. W: W:2 W:It was of two young brethren, two young brethren born, W:It was of two young brethren born, W:One he was a shepherd and a tender of sheep W:The other a planter of corn. W: W:3 W:We will rile it, we will tile it through mud and through clay, W:We will plough it up deeper and low, W:Then after comes the seedsman his corn for to sow W:And the harrows to rake it in rows. W: W:4 W:There is April, there is May, there is June and July W:What a pleasure it is for to see the corn grow. W:In August we will reap it, we will cut, sheaf and bind it W:And go down with our scythes for to mow. W: W:5 W:And after we've reaped it off every sheaf W:And have gathered up every ear, W:With a drop of good beer, boys, and our hearts full of cheer W:We will wish them another good year. W: W:6 W:Our barns they are full, our fields they are clear, W:Good health to our master and friends. W:We will make no more to do but we'll plough and we'll sow W:And prepare for the very next year. % % % % %]