Folk Song

X:1 T:We're A' Jolly Fu' C:Trad Z:Webmaster K: % W:1 W:Saw a loose chase a moose, W:(chorus)wha's fu, Wha's fu'? W:Saw a loose chase a moose, Roond the riggin in a hoose, W:(chorus)And we're a' bun' drunk, Jolly fu'! W: W:2 W:Saw an eel chase the deil, W:Roond and roond a tattie field. W: W:3 W:Saw a snail chase a whale, W:Roond aboot a parritch pail. W: W:4 W:Saw a bug chase a dog, W:Up and down the old wife's leg. W: W:5 W:Saw a puggie chase a cuddie, W:Roond aboot a lassie's bubbie. W:. W:6 W:Saw a flea runnin' free, W:Up and doon a stream of pee. W:. W:7 W:Saw a knife chase a wife, W:And cut the man a muckle slice. % % % % %