Folk Song

X:1 T:Why Soldiers Why? C:Trad Z:Webmaster K: W:1 W:How stands the glass around? For shame, ye take no care, me boys! W:How stands the glass around? Let mirth and wine abound. W:The trumpets sound. The colours they are flying boys, W:To fight, kill or wound, may we still be found W:Content with our hard fare my boys On the cold, cold ground. W: W:2 W:Why soldiers, why? Should we be melancholy boys? W:Why, soldiers why? Whose business tis to die. W:What sighing fie. Damn fear, drink on, be jolly boys! W:Tis he, you or I, cold, hot, wet or dry W:We're always bound to follow boys, And scorn to fly W: W:3 W:Tis but in vain, (I mean not to upbraid you boys). W:Tis but in vain, For soldiers to complain. W:Should next complain. Send us to him who made us boys. W:We're free from pain, but should we remain, W:A bottle and kind lady Cures all again. : % % % % %