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Hey Now The Day Daws

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(apparently to the same tune as “Scots wha hae”)

  1. Hey, now the day daws,
    The jolly cok craws,
    Now shrouds the shaws,
    Throw nature anone.
    The thissel cok cryis,
    On lovers wha lyis,
    Now skaillis the skyis,
    The night is near gone.
  2. All gallant knights,
    Don for the day's fight,
    The breast plate so bright,
    To battle their foes.
    The valiant steed prances,
    And with spirit dances,
    Daylight advances,
    The night is near gone.
  3. Brave men in field,
    Their stout weapons wield,
    With shining bright shields,
    Like Titans enthroned.
    Strong spears in rests,
    Across chargers crests,
    Are broken on breasts,
    The night is near gone.
  4. So hard are the hits,
    Some stagger, some sit,
    And some this life quit,
    On the ground while they groan.
    Horsemen so gay,
    On chargers that play,
    With swords make fray,
    The night is near gone.

From the collection Songs From Hazzards Huzzah