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Love Is Teasing

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  1. Oh love is teasing when love is pleasing,
    And love is a treasure when first it’s new.
    But as it grows older then love grows colder
    And fades away like the morning dew.
  2. I left my father, I left my mother
    I left my sisters and brothers too
    I left my friends and my kind relations,
    I left them all for the love of you.
  3. Oh turn around love, your wheel of fortune.
    Oh turn around love and smile on me.
    For surely there must be a place of torment.
    For that young girl who deceived me.
  4. So lads, beware of your false true lovers,
    And never mind what the young girls say.
    They're like the stars on a summers morning;
    You think they’re near but they’re far away.

From the collection Songs From Hazzards Huzzah