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Pastyme With Good Companye

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  1. Pastyme with good companye I love and shall untyll I dye:
    Gruche who lust but none denye, So God be plesyd thus leve wyll I.
    For my pastance, Hunt syng and dance, My hart is sett:
    All goodly sport, For my comfort, Who schall me let.
  2. Youth must have sum daliance Off good or yll sum pastance:
    Company me thynkes then best, All thoughts and fancys to dejest:
    For idillness, Is chef mastres Of vices all:
    Then who can say But myrth and play Is best of all.
  3. Company with honeste, Is vertu from vices to flee:
    Company is good and ill But evry man hath hys fre wyll:
    The best ensew, The worst eschew, My mynde schal be:
    Vertu to use, Vice to refuse Thus shall I use me.

From the collection Songs From Hazzards Huzzah