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The Blackleg Miners

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1 Oh, early in the evenin', just after dark,

  The blackleg miners creep to work.
  Wi' their moleskin trousers an' dirty shirt,
  There go the backleg miners.

2 They take their picks an' down they go,

  To dig the coal that lies below,
  An' there's not a woman in this town row
  Will look at a blackleg miner.

3 Oh, Delaval is a terrible place,

  They rub wet clay in a blackleg's face.
  An' round the pit-heaps they run a foot race
  Wi' the dirty blackleg miners.

4 Now, don't go near the Seghill mine,

  Across the way they stretch a line,
  To catch the throat an' break the spine
  O' the dirty backleg miners.

5 They'll take your tools an' duds as well

  An' hoy them down the pit o' hell.
  It's down ye go, an' fare ye well

6 So join the union while you may,

  Don't wait till your dyin' day,
  For that may not be far away,
  Ye dirty blackleg miners.

Child #243