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The Flight Of The Earls

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  1. Beside the camp fire's fitful blaze
    Amid the forest drear,
    I picture in the dying rays,
    The home to me so dear;
    The lowly cot, the leaping stream,
    The spire upon the hill,
    I see them as I lie and dream,
    My heart is with them still.
  2. To my green Isle my thoughts return
    Sweet Erin ever blest,
    For thy deep valleys oft I yearn,
    Wherein my kindred rest,
    The shamrock springs within my heart
    When Patrick's day is nigh,
    For though from home and friends apart,
    To them fond mem'ries fly.
  3. The loving hearts I've left behind
    With mine in exile beat,
    A joyful welcome sure I'll find
    When there some day we meet;
    O haste ye weary laggard years,
    O speed me o'er the foam,
    To greet again, ‘mid happy tears,
    My native land! my home!

From the collection Songs From Hazzards Huzzah