Folk Song

X:1 T:Remember O Thou Man C:Thomas Ravenscroft (1611) Z:Webmaster N:Christmas K: W:1 W:Remember O thou man, O thou man, O thou man, W:Remember O thou man, Thy time is spent, W:Remember O thou man, How thou art dead and gone, W:And I did what I can, therefore repent. W: W:2 W:Remember Adams fall ~ From heaven to hell W:Remember Adams fall, how we were condemned all W:In hell perpetual there for to dwell W: W:3 W:Remember Gods goodnesse ~ and his promis made, W:Remember Gods goodnesse, how he sent his son soubtlesse W:Our sinnes to redresse, be not affraid W: W:4 W:In Bethlem he was borne ~ for mankind sake, W:In Bethlem he was borne, for us that were forlorne, W:And therefore took no scorne, our flesh to take. W: W:5 W:Give thanks to God always, ~ Most joyfully, W:Give thanks to God always For this our happy day, W:Let all men sing and say, Holy, holy. % % % % %