(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:The Swapping Song Z:Webmaster C:Trad K: W:1 W:When I was a little boy I lived by myself W:And all the bread and cheese I got I laid it on the shelf W: W:ch W:To my wing-wong waddle, to my Jack Straw saddle, W:To my jolly fair faddle, to my long way home! W: W:2 W:Well, the rats and the mice, they led me such a life W:That I had to go to London for to get myself a wife W: W:3 W:The roads were so rocky and the lanes were so narrow W:That I had to bring her home in an old wheelbarrow W: W:4 W:My foot slipped and I got me such a fall, W:Down came wheelbarrow, little wife and all W: W:5 W:I swapped my wheelbarrow and I got me a horse W:Then I rode home from cross to cross W: W:6 W:I swapped my horse and I got me a mule W:Then I rode home like a doggone fool W: W:7 W:I swapped my mule, I got me a cow W:And in that trade I learned just how W: W:8 W:I swapped my cow and I got me a calf W:And I ever got a bargain, I just just half W: W:9 W:I swapped my calf and I got me a sheep W:Then I rode till I fell asleep W: W:10 W:I swapped my sheep and I got me a hen W:Oh! what a pretty thing I had then! W: W:11 W:I swapped my hen and I got me a rat W:I sat it on a haystack to keep it from the cat W: W:12 W:I swapped my rat, I got me a mouse W:Its tail caught afire and burned our little house W: W:13 W:I swapped my mouse, I got me a mole W:And the dog-gone thing went straight to the hole! % % % % % % % % % %]


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