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M:C L:1/4 K:C G|"C"G2GA|"C"GEEE|"Am"A2Ac|"Am"AE2A| w:As I was a-go-in' o-ver Gil-ga-ra moun-tain, I "F"A2Ac|"F"ccBA|"C"GGcB|"C"AE3| w:spied Colo-nel Far-rell and his mo-ney he was coun-tin', "C"G>GGA|"C"GE2E|"Am"A>AAB|"Am"AEEE| w:First I drew my pis-tols and then I drew my ra-pier, say-in': "F"z AAB|"F"ccBA|"C"GGcB|"C"AE||GG| w:"Stand and de-li-ver for I am your bold de-cei-ver". Mu-sha "G7"DDDD|"G7"D2 z2|"C"z EE>D|"C"EFG2| w:ring-um du-ram da, whack fol the dad-dy-o, "Am"z AA>G|"F"ABcc|"C"EE"G"DD|"C"C4-|"C"C z2|] w:whack fol the dad-dy-o, there's whis-key in the jar. W: W:1 W:As I was a goin' over Gilgara mountain, W:I spied Colonel Farrell and his money he was countin', W:First I drew my pistols and then I drew my rapier, sayin': W:"Stand and deliver for I am your bold deceiver". % W: W:ch W: Musha ringum duram da, W: whack fol the daddyo, W: whack fol the daddyo, W: there's whiskey in the jar. W: W:2 W:He counted out his money and it made a pretty penny, W:I put it in my pocket to take home to darlin' Jenny. W:She sighed and swore she loved me and never would deceive me, W:but the devil take the women for they always lie so easy. W: W:3 W:I went into me chamber all for to take a slumber, W:to dream of gold and girls and of course it was no wonder, W:me Jenny took me charges and she filled them up with water, W:called on Colonel Farrell to get ready for the slaughter. W: W:4 W:Next morning early before I rose for travel, W:acame a band of footmen and likewise Colonel Farrell, W:I goes to draw my pistol for she'd stole away my rapier. W:But a prisoner I was taken I couldn't shoot the water. W: W:5 W:They put me into jail with a judge all awritin' W:robbin' Colonel Farrell on Gilgarra Mountain. W:But they didn't take me fists and I knocked the jailer down, and bid a farewell to this W:tight fisted town. W: W:6 W:I'd like to find me brother the one that's in the army W:I don't know where he's stationed in Cork or in Killarney. W:Together we'd go roamin' o'er the mountains of Kilkenny, W:and I swear he'd treat me fairer than me darlin' sportin' Jenny. W: W:7 W:There's some takes delight in the carriages and rollin', W:some takes delight in the hurley or the bollin'. W:But I takes delight in the juice of the barley, courtin' W:pretty maids in the mornin', oh so early. W: Musha...


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