(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:After The Ball C:C K Harris 1892 N:Music Hall


M:3/4 L:1/4 Z:Webmaster K:Bb D3 | F2 D | G3 | D3 | F2 D | G2 D | (A3 | A) z z | w:A lit-tle mai-den climbed an old man's knees, E3 | G2 E | A3 | E3 | A3 | d2 c | (C3 | C3) | w:Begged for a sto-ry: "Do un-cle, please! - C3 | F2 D | G3 | D3 | d3 | e2 d | (G3 | G) z z | w:Why are you sin-gle, why live a-lone- G3 | A2 B | d3 | F3 | c3 | A2 F | (B3 | B) z z | w:Have you no ba-bies, have you no home-" B3 | d2 B | A3 | ^F3 | G3 | A2 B | (F3 | F) z z | w:"I had a sweet-heart, years, years a-go- G3 | A2 B | F3 | B3 | G3 | A2 B | (C3 | C) z z | w:Where she is now, pet, you will soon know - D3 | F2 D | G3 | D3 | d3 | e2 d | (G3 | G2) z | w:List to the sto-ry, I'll tell it all - G2 G | A2 B | D3 | F3 | c3 | A2 F | (B3 | B) z z | w:I be-liev-ed her faith-less af-ter the ball. P:chorus d f3/2 d/2 | B2 G | B3 | F3 | d f3/2 d/2 | G2 D | (A3 | G) z z | w:Af-ter the ball is ov-er, af-ter the break of morn, e g3/2 e/2 | d2 c | ^B3 | c3 | c d3/2 c/2 | A2 F | (f3 | f) z z | w:Af-ter the dan-cers' lea-ving, af-ter the stars are gone, d f3/2 d/2 | B2 G | B3 | F3 | ^F c e | g2 f | (e3 | e) z z | w:Ma-ny a heart is ach-ing, if you could read them all- f c c | c d e | d3 | F3 | G3 | A2 F | (B3/2 | B) z z || w:Ma-ny the hopes that have va-nished af-ter the ball. % W:1 W:A little maiden climbed an old man's knees, W:Begged for a story: "Do uncle, please! W:Why are you single, why live alone? W:Have you no babies, have you no home?" W:"I had a sweetheart, years, years ago, W:Where she is now, pet, you will soon know; W:List to the story, I'll tell it all: W:I believed her faithless after the ball. W: W:ch W:After the ball is over, after the break of morn, W:After the dancers' leaving, after the stars are gone, W:Many a heart is aching, if you could read them all” W:Many the hopes that have vanished after the ball. W: W:2 W:Bright lights were flashing in the grand ballroom, W:Softly the music playing sweet tunes. W:There came my sweetheart, my love, my own, W:‘I wish some water; leave me alone. W:When I returned, dear, there stood a man W:Kissing my sweetheart as lovers can. W:Down fell the glass, pet, broken, that's all W:Just as my heart was after the ball. W: W:3 W:Long years have passed, child, I have never wed, W:True to my lost love though she is dead. W:She tried to tell me, tried to explain” W:I would not listen, pleadings were vain. W:One day a letter came from that man; W:He was her brother, the letter ran. W:That's why I'm lonely, no home at all” W:I broke her heart, pet, after the ball." % % % % % % % % % %]


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"After The Ball" was the first ever million seller.


Song by C K Harris

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