(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Appletree Wassail S:William Crockford at Bratten, Somerset, 12 September 1906 Z:Noted by Cecil Sharp B:Maud Karpeles, Cecil Sharp's Collection of English Folk Songs, II, 528 L:1/8


M:6/8 K:G D|G2 G (FE)D|c2 c (AB)c| w:Old ap-ple tree,_ we'll was-sail thee_ And B2 G A2 F|G3-G2 D|G2 G F2 D| w:ho-ping thou wilt bear._ The Lord does know where c2 c ABc|BBG A2 F| w:we shall be To be mer-ry an-o-ther G3-G2 (B/c/)|d3 dcB| w:year._ To_ blow well and to c3 cBA|B2 c d2 B| w:bear well And so mer-ry let us A3-A2 D|GGG (FE)D| w:be._ Let e-ve-ry man_ drink c2 c (AB)c|BGG AAF|G3-G2|] w:up his cup_ And health to the old ap-ple tree._ % W: W:Old apple tree, we'll wassail thee W:And hoping thou wilt bear. W:The Lord does know where we shall be W:To be merry another year. W:To blow well and to bear well W:And so merry let us be. W:Let every man drink up his cup W:And health to the old apple tree. W: W:(Spoken) W:Apples now, hat-fulls, three bushel bag-fulls, W:tallets ole-fulls, barn's floor-fulls, little heap under the stairs. W:Hip Hip Hooroo (3 times) % % % % % % % % % % %]


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