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p! C | F F G/2A/2 | F F A/2B/2 | c c d | B2 G/2A/2 |

w:A-way in a - man-ger no - crib for a bed. The B B B | A A F/2A/2 | G D F | E2 C | w:lit-tle Lord Jes-us Lay - down his sweet head The F F G/2A/2 | F F A/2B/2 | c c d | B2 G/2A/2 | w:stars in the - night sky loo -down where hHe lay. The B B c | A A F/2A/2 | G D E | F2 || w:lit-tle Lord Je-sus a -sleep on the hay % W: W:1 W:Away in a manger W:No crib for a bed W:The little Lord Jesus W:Lay down his sweet head W:The stars in the sky W:Look down where he lay W:The little Lord Jesus W:Asleep on the hay W: W:2 W:The cattle are lowing W:The poor baby wakes W:But little Lord Jesus W:No crying he makes W:I love thee Lord Jesus W:Look down from the sky W:And stay by my cradle W:'Til morning is nigh

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Song Notes

Song by W J Kirkpatrick and Jim Paterson

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