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K:F G | A d c3 A | G (E/2D/2) C D2 G | w:In Bru-ton town there lived a - farm-er, Who A =B c2 B B | A (G/2=B/2) A2 z G | w:had two sons and one daugh-ter - dear. By A d c3 A | G (E/2D/2) C D2 E | w:day and night they were a-con-tri-ving To (F/2G/2) A G (E/2C/2) D D | D4 z G | w:Fill - their par-ents - hearts with fear. One A d c3 A | G (E/2D/2) C D2 G | w:told his se-cret to none - o-ther But A (=B/2B/2) c2 B2 | A (G/2=B/2) A3 G | w:un-to his bro-ther this he - said. I A d c3 A | G (E/2D/2) C D2 E | w:think our ser-vant courts our - sis-ter. I (F/2G/2) A G (E/2C/2) D D | D4 |] w:think - they have a - mind to wed W: W:1 W:In Bruton town there lived a farmer W:Who had two sons and one daughter dear. W:By day and night they were acontriving W:To fill their parents hearts with fear W:One told his secret to none other W:But unto his brother this he said W:I think our servant courts our sister W:I think they have a mind to wed W: W:2 W:If he our servant courts our sister W:That maid from such a shame I'll save W:I'll put an end to all their courtship W:And send him silent to his grave. W:A day of hun ting was prepared W:In thorny woods where briars grew W:And there they did that young man a murder W:And in the b rake his fair body threw. W: W:3 W:Now welcome home my dear young brothers W:Our servant man is he behind? W:We've left him where we've been hunting W:We've left him were no man can find. W:She went to bed crying and lamenting W:Lamenting for her own true love W:She slept she dream'd she saw him by her W:All cover'd o'er in a gore of blood. W: W:4 W:You rise up early tomorrow morning W:And straight-way to the brake you know W:And then you'll find my body lying W:All cover'd o'er in a gore of blood. W:Then she rose early the very next morning W:Unto the garden brake she went W:And there she found her own dear jewel W:All cover'd o'er in a gore of blood. W: W:5 W:She took her kerchief from her pocket W:And wiped his eyes though he was blind W:Because he was her own true lover W:My own true lover friend of mine. W:And since my brothers have been so cruel W:To take your tender sweet life away W:One grave shall hold us both together W:And along with you in death I'll stay.


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From 'One Hundred English Folk Songs Vol 1.pdf' (1916)

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