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K:G D2 | G G/2 G B/2 | d3/2 d B/2 | A G/2 E D/2 | E3/2 z d/2 | w:It's of a gal-lant la-dy just in the prime of youth. She e f/2 g f/2 | e3/2 d e/2 | d e/2 c A/2 | B3/2 z d/2 | w:dear-ly loved a sai-lor in fact she loved to wed. And e f/2 g f/2 | e d/2 d e/2 | d e/2 d A/2 | B3/2 z B/2 | w:how to get to sea with him the way she did not know. All B A/2 (B/2d/2)d/2 | e e/2 (B/2A/2)B/2 | A G/2 E D/2 | E3/2 z |] w:for to see - this pret-ty place - called Ca-na-dee I O % W: W:1 W:It's of a gallant lady, just in the prime of youth. W:She dearly loved a sailor; in fact, she loved to wed, W:And how to get to sea with him the way she did not know, W:All for to see this pretty place called Canadee-I-O. W: W:2 W:She bargained with a sailor all for a purse of gold, W:And straightway he had taken her right down into the hold, W:'I'll dress you up in sailor suit; your colors shall be blue W:And you soon will see that pretty place, called Canada W: W:3 W:When our mate had heard this, he fell into a rage, W:Likewise our ship's company was willing to engage: W:'I'll tie your hands and feet, my love, and overboard you'll go, W:And you'll never see the pretty place called Canadee-I-O.' W: W:4 W:And when the captain heard this: "This thing shall never be, W:For if you drown that fair maid, hanged sure you'll be; W:I'll take her to my cabin, her colors shall be blue, W:And she soon will see that pretty place called Canadee-I-O.' W: W:5 W:They had not arrived in Canada more than the space of half a year, W:Before the Captain married her, and called her his very dear. W:She can dress in silk or satin; she caught a gallant show; W:She was one of the fairest ladies in Canadee-I-0. W: W:6 W:Come all ye, young ladies, whoever you may be, W:To be sure and follow your true love, if ever he goes to sea, W:And if your mate, he do prove false, you're captain he'll prove true, W:And you'll see the honor I have gained by wearing of the blue


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