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K:D B,3/4C/4D3/4E/4 F B3/4F/4 | G B3/4G/4 F B | w:Char-lie is my dar-ling My dar-ling, my dar-ling B,3/4C/4D3/4E/4 F B3/4c/4 | d c3/4d/4 B z3/4 B/4 | w:Char-lie is my dar-ling The young che-va-lier 'Twas ^A3/4F/4^G3/4=A/4 (B3/4c/4)d3/4B/4 | ^A3/4F/4^G3/4=A/4 B3/2 c/2 w:on a mon-day mor - ning Right ear-ly in the year That d3/4c/4d3/4B/4 (A3/4F/4)D/2(E/4F/4) | (G3/4E/4)F3/4D/4 C F || w:Char-lie came to our - town The - young - che-va-lier Oh % W: W:ch W:Charlie is my darling W:My darling, my darling W:Charlie is my darling W:The young chevalier W: W:1 W:'Twas on a Monday morning W:Right early in the year W:That Charlie came to our town W:The young chevalier W: W:2 W:As he was walking doon the street W:The city for to view W:O there he spied a bonie lass W:The windae peekin' through W: W:3 W:So light he jumped up the stairs W:A tirl'd at the pin W:And wha's sae ready but herself W:To let the laddie in? W: W:4 W:He set his Jenny on his knee W:All in his highland dress W:For brawly weel he kent the way W:To please a highland lass W: W:5 W:It's up yon heathery mountain W:And down yon scroggie glen W:We daur nae gang a-milking W:For Charlie and all of his men... % % % % % % % % %]


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