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K:G A/2 | B/2A/2 G3/2 A/2 | B/2A/2 G3/2 B/2 | c/2e/2 d3/2 B/2 | A2 z/2 B/2 | w:God pros-per long our no-ble king, Our lives and safe-ties all A c/2e/2 D3/2 B/2 | d/2B/2 G3/2 d/2 | e/2g/2 B A | G2 z | w:woe-ful hunt-ing once there did, In Che-vy Chase be-fall. % W:1 W:God prosper long our noble king, Our lives and safeties all; W:A woeful hunting once there did, In Chevy Chase befall. W: w:2 W:The stout Earl of Northumberland, A vow to God did make, W:His pleasure in the Scottish woods, Three summer's days to take; W: W:3 W:The ohiefest harts in Chevy Chase, To kill and bear away. W:These tidings to Earl Douglas came, In Scotland where he lay: W: W:4 W:Who sent Earl Percy present word, He would prevent his sport. W:The English earl, not fearing that, Did to the woods resort. W: W:5 W:With fifteen hundred bow-men bold, All chosen men of might, W:Who knew full well in time of need, To aim their shafts aright. W: W:6 W:Lord Percy to the quarry went, To view the slaughtered deer. W:Quoth he, Earl Douglas promised, This day to meet me here: W: W:7 W:Lo, yonder doth Earl Douglas come, His men in armour bright; W:Full twenty hundred Scottish spears, All marching in our sight. W: W:8 W:Earl Douglas on his milk-white steed, Most like a baron bold, W:Rode foremost of his company, Whose armour shone like gold. W: W:9 W:Show me, said he, whose men you be, That hunt so boldly here1 W:That, without my consent, do chase, And kill my fallow-deer. W:W:10 W:Ere thus I will out-braved be, One of us two shall die: W:I know thee well, an earl thou art; Lord Percy, so am I. W: W:11 W:Let thou and I the battle try, And set our men aside. W:Accurst be he, Earl Percy said, By whom this is denied. W: W:12 W:With that, there came an arrow keen, Out of English bow, W:Which struck Earl Douglas to the heart, A deep and deadly blow: W: W:13 W:Who never spake more words than these, Fight on, my merry men all; W:For why, my life is at an end; Lord Percy sees my fall. W: W:14 W:This fight did last from break of day, Till setting of the sun; W:For when they rung the evening-bell, The battle scarce was done. W: W:15 W:God save our king, and bless this land, With plenty, joy, and peace; W:And grant henceforth, that foul debate, 'Twixt noblemen may cease. % % % % % % % % %]


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