(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Cosher Bailey's Engine Z:Webmaster C:Trad M:2/4 L:1/4


K:D z D/2F/2 | A/2A/2 A/2B/2 | A/2A/2 G/2F/2 | E/2F/2 G/2A/2 | G/2G/2 F/2E/2 | w:Co-sher Bai-ley had an en-gine it was al-ways want-ing men-ding And ac D/2E/2 F/2G/2 | F/2F/2 E/2D/2 | A/2A/2 A/2A/2 | E/2G/2 F/2E/2 | D D | D G/2F/2 | w:cor-ding to the po-wer, She could do four miles an ho-ur. Did you ev-ver saw, did you E E | E F/2G/2 | A d | B A/2G/2 | F/2F/2 E/2E/2 | D z | w:ev-er saw, did you ev-er saw, Such a fun-ny sight be-fore? % W: W:1 W:Cosher Bailey had an engine W:It was always wanting mending, W:And according to the power, W:She could do four miles an hour W: W:ch W:Did you ever saw W:Did you ever saw W:Did you ever saw W:Such a funny sight before? W: W:2 W:On the night run up from Gower W:She did twenty mile an hour W:As she whistled through the station W:Man, she frightened half the nation. W: W:3 W:Cosher bought her second-hand W:And he painted her so grand W:When the driver went to oil her W:Man, she nearly burst her boiler. W: W:4 W:Cosher Bailey's sister Lena W:She was living up in Blaina W:She could knit and darn our stockings W:But her cooking it was shocking. W: W:5 W:Cosher Bailey's brother Rupert W:He played stand-off-half for Newport, W:When they played against Llanelly W:Someone kicked him in the belly. W: W:6 W:Cosher Bailey had a daughter W:Who did things she didn't oughter W:She was quite beyond the pale W:But over that we'll draw a veil. W: W:7 W:Cosher Bailey went to Exford W:For to pass matriculation W:But he saw a pretty barmaid W:And he never left the station. W: W:8 W:Oh the sight it was heart-rending W:Cosher drove his little engine W:And he got stuck in the tunnel W:And went up the bloomin' funnel. W: W:9 W:Cosher Bailey's little engine W:Couldn't even sound its hooter W:Just to make the steam go higher W:He made water on the fire. W: W:10 W:Yes, Cosher Bailey he did die W:And they put him in a coffin W:But, alas, they heard a knocking W:Cosher Bailey, only joking. W: W:11 W:Well, the Devil wouldn't have him W:But he gave him sticks and matches W:For to set up on his own W:On the top of Barford Hatches. % % % % % % % % %]


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