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L:1/4 M:C K:C c(c/4d/4e/2)d3/2c/2|c/2G/2 (A/4B/4)c/2 GE| (E/2G/2) (G/2c/2) (c/2d/2) (d/2e/2)| (f/2e/2) (d/2c/2)d2|c(c/4e/4)f/2d3/2c/2| (c/2G/2) (A/4B/4)c/2GE| (E/2G/2) (G/2c/2) (c/2d/2) (d/2e/2)| (g/4f/4e/2) (d/2c/2)c2:| e(e/4f/4)g/2 e/2c/2 e/2c/2|B(B/4c/4)d/2 d/2B/2 d/2B/2| ee/2c/2 dd/2B/2| c(d/4c/4)(B/4A/4)A3/2G/2| EG(G/4A/4)G/2 c/2G/2|E/2G/2 (G/4A/4)G/2G3/2G/2| Acd3/2A/2|d3/4e/4 d/2c/2B3/2A/2|GG/2E/2Gc/2d/2| (f/2e/2) (d/2c/2)c2|] % W:1. W:De'il take the war, that hurried Willy from me, W:Who to love me just had sworn. W:They made him captain, sure, to undo me: W:Woe is me, he'll ne'er return. W:A thousand loons abroad will fight him, W:He from thousands ne'er will run. W:Day and night I did invite W:To stay safe from the sword and gun: W:I used alluring graces, W:With muckle kind embraces, W:Now sighing, then crying, tears dropping fall. W:And had he my soft arms W:Preferred to wars alarms, W:By love grown mad, without Man of Gad, W:I fear in my fit had granted all! W:. W:2. W:I washed and patched to make me look provoking, W:Snares that they told me would catch the men, W:And on my head a huge commode sat cocking, W:Which made me show as tall again; W:For a new gown too I paid muckle money, W:Which with golden flowers did shine. W:My love well might think me gay and bonny; W:No Scotch lass was e'er so fine. W:My petticoat I spotted, W:Fringe too with thread I knotted, W:Lace shoes, and silk hose, garter full over knee. W:But oh! the fatal thought; W:To Willy these are naught, W:Who rid to towns, and rifled with dragoons, W:When he, silly loon, might have plundered me! % % % % % % % % %]


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