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K:A e | "A"A c e/2 =g3/2 | "D"f d/2 B3/2 A/2 A/2 | "E7"G f e d | "A"e2 z e | w:One day not ve-ry long a-go in a patch of pea soup fog I A c e/2 =g3/2 | "D"f d c3/2 B/2 | "E7"G f e G | "A"A2 z A | w:put my scarf and coat on for a walk out-side wi't' dog The "E7"B A G B | "A"c/2 B3/2 A C | "B7"^d3/2 B/2 c d | "E7"e2 z e | w:air was thick you could-n't see a yard or two down't street When "A"A c e =g | "D"f d/2 B z A/2 | "E7"G f e G | "A"A3 || w:some-thing stopp'd in front of me a pair of police-man's feet % W:1 W:One day not very long ago in a patch of pea soup fog W:I put my scarf and coat on for a walk outside wi’ t’dog W:The air was thick, you couldn’t see a yard or two down t’street W:When something stopped in front of me - a pair of policeman’s feet W: W:2 W:There grew from them some trousers, they were dyed in navy blue W:A helmet, a coat, and a pair of hands, with a notebook in ‘em too W:I pretends I hasn’t seen him, like, there being so much fog W:When a thund’rous voice booms out “Now where’s your licence for your dog?” W: W:3 W:Well, times were bad and jobs were scarce, I’d had to go on t’dole W:And all the money I’d scraped together I’d spent on food and coal W:He knew I had no licence, he was kicking up a fuss W:He says, “Bring it in tomorrow or you’ll be having your tea with us” W: W:4 W:So all next day I sat at home and looked at t’chimbley flue W:Wond’ring if he’d come around and thinking what to do W:Then I heard a noise at t’top o’t’road, it sounded like flat feet W:And I knew it was that copper as he trundled down the street W: W:5 W:Well, I hid myself behind the door as he began to knock W:He’d no idea I were so near I could even smell his socks W:When he got tired he went away and I brewed me a cup of tea W:And I thought whatever happened, t’last laugh‘d be on me W: W:6 W:So next day two burly rozzers come a-swaggering in the place W:But I had my licence ready, and a grin all o’er my face W:He says “Ey up, you were stony broke when I met you in the fog W:How can you afford a licence?” I says “I’ve sold my bloody dog” % % % % % % % % %]


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