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K: Cmaj EF|G2C2A2GF|G2 EDC2FG|A2A2AGF2|G6 EG| w:When - I was young and - in my - prime And could wan-der wild - and free There was c2G2B2A2|G2EDC2CD|E2E2EDC2|G6EF| w:There was al-ways a long-ing in my mind To fol-low the call of the sea G2C2A2GF|G2EDC2A2|G2E2G2c2|B3AG2AB| w:So I'll sing fare - well to - Car-ling ford And fare-well to Gree nore And I'll c2edc2GE|~F2EFG4-|G2 DEF2E2|D2C2G4|DE F2E2D2|G2C6|| w:think of - you both day and night - *Un-til I re-turn once more, Un-til I re-turn once more % W: W:1 W:When I was young and in my prime W:And could wander wild and free W:There was always a longing in my mind W:To follow the call of the sea W: W:ch W:So I'll sing farewell to Carling ford W:And farewell to Gree nore W:And I'll think of you both day and night W:Untill I return once more, W:Untill I return once more W: W:2 W:On all the stormy seven seas W:I have sailed before the mast W:And every voyage I ever made W:I swore it would be my last W: W:3 W:And I had a girl called Mary Doyle W:And she lived in Greenore W:And the foremost thought in my mind W:Was to keep me safe onshore W: W:4 W:A landman's life is all his own W:He can go or he can stay W:But when the sea gets in your blood W:When she calls you must obey W: W:chorus % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Tommy Makem

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