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K:C E | c c B B | A (A/2G/2) E B | w:Come bri-dle me my milk white - steed Come c d e (e/2d/2) | (B c) d B | w:bri-dle me my - po - ny. That c d e e | d (B/2A/2) G A | w:I may ride to fair Lon-on Town To (G E) E D | (E A) (A2 | A2) z || w:plead - for my Geor - die. % W: W:1 W:Come bridle me my milk white steed, W:Come bridle me my pony W:That I may ride to fair London Town W:To plead for my Geordie. W: W:2 W:And when she entered minto the hall W:There were Lords and Ladies plenty W:Down on her knees she then did fall W:To plead for the life of Geordie W: W:3 W:It's six pretty babes that I have got W:The seventh lies in my body W:I'll freely part with them every one W:If you'll spare me the life of Geordie. W: W:4 W:Then Geordie looked round the court W:And he saw his dearest Polly W:He said my dear you've come too late W:For I'm condemned already. W: W:5 W:Then the Judge he looked down on him W:And he said I'm sorry for thee W:Tis thine own confession hath hanged thee W:May the Lord have mercy on thee W: W:6 W:O Geordie stole nor cow nor calf W:And he never murdered any W:But he stole sixteen of the Kings white steeds W:And sold them in Bohenny, W: W:7 W:Let Geordie hang in golden chains W:(His crimes they were not many) W:Because he came of Royal blood W:And courted a virtuous Lady. W: W:8 W:I wish I were in yonder grove W:Where times I have been many W:With my broad sword and my pistol too, W:I'd fight for the life of Geordie.


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