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K:G z z D | G G A | B2 d | G A F | G2 A | w:Go-liath of Gath, with his hel-met of brass, Was B A G | F2 G | A G/2F/2 E | D2 F | w:sea-ted one day, up-on the * green grass, When G A B | G E c | B A G | d2 D | w:up slipped young Da-vid, the ser-vant of Saul, Who E F G | A D B | E A F | G2 z || w:said, “I shall smite thee, al-though I’m so small.” % W: W:1 W:Goliath of Gath, with his helmet of brass, W:Was seated one day, upon the green grass, W:When up slipped young David, the servant of Saul, W:Who said, “I shall smite thee, although I’m so small.” W: W:2 W:Young David he took six stones from the brook, W:And then with some string he fashioned a sling. W:So with this suspender a stone he let fly, W:And hit poor Goliath right smack in the eye. W: W:3 W:Goliath he swore and sorely he spake W:“Blank, blank, blank, blank, blank. Blank blankety blank!” W:The air all around him was turning quite blue; W:He used all the old words and made up some new. W: W: W:4 W:Goliath collapsed in a swoon on the sward; W:Young David unsheathed Goliath’s great sword. W:He unlaced his helmet and sliced off his head, W:And all Israel shouted, “Goliath is dead!”

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