(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:He Who Would Valiant Be C:John Bunyan - words (Pilgrim's Progress) C:Ralph Vaughan Williams - music "Monk's Gate" MIDI program 19 % Instrument M:4/4 L:1/4 K:G G>A B G | B/c/ d e2 | d2 d G | F G-G2 | w:He - who would val-i-ant be, 'gainst all dis-as-ter G>A B G | B/c/ d e2 | d2 d>G | F G-G2 | w:Let - him in con -stan-cy, fol-low the mas-ter. d2 g e | f g/f/ e2 | -ed B/A/ G | B c d2 | -d g d>d | w:There's no dis-cour-age -ment - shall make - him once re-lent - His first a e/d/c/B/ A e | d G F G | -G4 || w:owed - in -tent, to be a pil-grim. % W:He who would valiant be, 'gainst all disaster W:Let him in constancy, follow the master. W:There's no discouragement, shall make him once relent W:vowed intent, to be a pilgrim. - W:. W:Who so beset him round with dismal stories, W:Do but themselves confound, his strength the more is. W:No foe shall stay his might, though he with giants fight W:He will make good his right, to be a pilgrim. W:. W:Since Lord thou dost defend us with thy spirit, W:We know we at the end shall life inherit, W:Then fancies flee away, I'll fear not what men say W:I'll labour night and day, to be a pilgrim. % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by John Bunyan and Ralph Vaughan Williams

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