(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Johnny Todd C:Trad C:Jim Patterson (arr) Z:Webmaster M:2/4 L:1/4


score [ (S) (T) ] V:S clef=treble V:T clef=bass K:D V:S "D"D/2F/2 A3/4A/4 | "G"B/2B/2 "D"A/2F/2 | "Bm"D/2F/2 A3/4A/4 | "G"G/2F/2 "A"E | w:John-ny Todd he took a no-tion for to sail the o-cean wide V:T

mp![D,2F,2A,2] | [D,G,B,] [D,F,A,] | [B,,2F,2A,2] | [B,,D,G,] [A,,C,E,] |

% V:S

 "D"D/2F/2 A | [M:3/4] "Bm"D3/4F/4 "G"E/2D/2 "A"C/2A,/2 | "D"D/2F/2 A3/4E/4 "A"G/4G/4F/2 | [M:2/4]"D"(D2 | D2) |]

w:And he left his true love be-hind him weep-ing by the Liv-er-pool tide - V:T

 [A,,2D,2F,2] | [M:3/4] [F,,B,,D,] [G,,B,,D,] [E,,A,,C,] |[A,,2D,2F,2] [A,,E,A,] | [M:2/4] ([D,2F,2A,2] | [D,2F,2A,2]) |]

% W: W:1 W:Johnny Todd he took a notion W:For to cross the ocean wide. W:And he left his true love behind him W:Weeping by the Liverpool tide. W: W:2 W:For a week she wept full sorely, W:Tore her hair and wrung her hands, W:Till she met with another sailor W:Walking on the Liverpool sands. W: W:3 W:“Why, fair maid, are you a-weeping, W:For your Johnny gone to sea? W:If you'll wed with me tomorrow W:I will kind and constant be. W: W:4 W:“I will buy you sheets and blankets, W:I'll buy you a wedding ring. W:You shall have a gilded cradle W:For to rock your baby in.” W: W:5 W:Johnny Todd came back from sailing, W:Sailing o'er the ocean wide, W:But he found that his fair and false one W:Was another sailor's bride. W: W:6 W:All you men who go a-sailing W:For to fight the foreign foe: W:Don't leave your love like Johnny, W:Marry her before you go. % % % % % % % % % % %]


Further Information About Johnny Todd

Song Notes

Used as the theme for Z-Cars, an early BBC (UK) police TV series (1962 - 1978)

Song by Jim Patterson

Folk song references:

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