(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Lady Maisry C:Trad M:4/4 L:1/4


K:G B, | E3/2 F/2 G B | (A/2 G/2) (F/2E/2) D3/2 D/2 | w:She cal-led to her lit-tle page - boy Who E c B A | B3 (B/2A/2) | w:was her bro-ther's son. She G F/2 F/2 (E/2F/2) (G/2A/2) | (B/2c/2) (B/2A/2) G (B/2A/2) | w:told him as quick - as - he - could - go To - G E (D/2E/2) F | E3 z |] w:bring her Lord - safe home. % W: W:1 W:She called to her little page boy W:Who was her brother's son | W:She told him as quick as he could go W:To bring her Lord safe home' W: W:2 W:Now the very first mile he would walk W:And the second he would run W:And when he came to a broken down bridge W:He bent his breast and swum. W: W:3 W:And when he came to the new castell W:The Lord was set at meat W:If you were to know as much as I W:How little would you eat. | W: W:4 W:O is m y tower falling down W:Ordoes my bower burn? W:Or is my gay Lady put to bed W:With a daughter or a son? W: W:5 W:O no your tower is not falling down W:Nor does your bower burn. W:But we are afraid ere you return W:Your Lady will be dead and gone. W: W:6 W:Come saddle, saddle my milk white steed, W:Come saddle my pony too W:That I may neither eat nor drink W:Til I come to the old castell. W: W:7 W:Now when he came to the old castell W:He heard a big bell toll W:Then he saw eight noble, noblemen W:A bearing of a pall. W: W:8 W:Lay down, lay down that gentle, gentle corpse W:As it lay fast asleep W:That I may kiss her red ruby lips W:Which I used to kiss so sweet. W: W:9 W:Six times he kissed her red ruby lips W:Nine times he kissed her chin W:Ten times he kissed her snowy snowy breast W:Where love did enter in W: W:10 W:The Lady was buried on that Sunday W:Before the prayers were done W:And the Lord he died on the next Sunday W:Before the prayers begun.


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