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K:G (B/4c/4) | (d/2e/2) d/2 (B/2A/2) B/2 | (G/2 G/2 D/2) D (B/4c/4) | w:It - rains - it rains - in mer-ry Lin-coln. It (d/2e/2) d/2 (B/2A/2) G/2 | (A3/2 A) A/2 | w:rains - both great - and small - When (d/2e/2) d/2 (B/2A/2) B/2 | G D/2 D D/2 | w:all - the boys - come out to play. To (G/2A/2) B/2 (c/2B/2) A/2 | (G3/2 G/2) z || w:play - and toss - their ball - % W: W:1 W:It rains it rains in merry Lincoln, W:It rains both great and small. W:When all the boys come out to play W:To play and toss their ball. W: W:2 W:They toss'd their ball so high so high W:They toss'd their ball so low W:They toss'd it over the Jew's garden W:With all the fine Jews below. W: W:3 W:The first that came out was the Jew's daughter W:Was dressed all in green. W:Come in, come in my little Sir Hugh W:You shall have your ball again. W: W:4 W:Oh no oh no I dare not come W:Without my playmates too W:For if my Mother should be at the door W:She would cause my poor heart to rue. W: W:5 W:The first she off'r him was a fig W:The next a finer thing W:The third a cherry as red as blood W:And that enticed him in. W: W:6 W:She set him up in a gilty chair W:She gave hime a sugar sweet W:She laid him out on a dresser board W:And stabb'd him like a sheep. W: W:7 W:And when the school was over W:His Mother came out for to call W:With a little rod under her apron W:To beat her son withall. W: W:8 W:His Mother went to the Jew's wife's house W:And knocked loud at the ring W:O little Sir Hugh if you are here W:Come let your Mother in. W: W:9 W:He is not here the Jew's wife said W:He is not here today W:He is with his school fellows on the green W:Keeping this high holiday. W: W:10 W:My head is heavy I cannot get up W:My grave it is so deep W:Bsides a pen-knife sticks into my heart W:So up I cannot get. W: W:11 W:Go home, go home my Mother dear W:And prepare me a winding sheet W:For tomorrow morning before it is day W:Your body and mine shall meet. W: W:12 W:And lay my prayer book at my head W:And my grammar at my feet W:That all my school fellows as they pass by W:May read them for my sake.


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"Sir Hugh", also known as "The Jew's Daughter" or "The Jew's Garden", is a traditional British folk song, a folkloric example of a blood libel.

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