(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Love Is Teasing Z:Webmaster C:Trad L:1/4 M:3/4 K:G d | "G"g f g | "G"G3 | "G"B2 d | "D"f2 e | "D"d2 c | "D"A3- | "D"A d | "D"d ^c d | "D7"f3 | "D7"e2 d | "D7"d e d | "G"B3- | "E7"B3 | "A7"B2 d | "D7"g f g | "G"G3 | "G"B2 d | "D"f2 e | "D"d2 c | "D"A3- | "D"A2 d | "D"d ^c d | "D7"f3 | "D6"e2 d | "D7"c F A | "G"G3- | "G"G- | "G"G2 |] % W:Oh love is teasing when love is pleasing, W:And love is a treasure when first it's new. W:But as it grows older then love grows colder W:And fades away like the morning dew. W:. W:I left my father, I left my mother W:I left my sisters and brothers too W:I left my friends and my kind relations, W:I left them all for the love of you. W:. W:Oh turn around love, your wheel of fortune. W:Oh turn around love and smile on me. W:For surely there must be a place of torment. W:For that young girl who deceived me. W:. W:So lads, beware of your false true lovers, W:And never mind what the young girls say. W:They're like the stars on a summer's morning; W:You think they're near but they're far away. % % % % % % % % % %]


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