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K:C %"Majestic" |:c>BAB cdec | fedc BABG | c>BAB cdeg | g<e d>c c4 :| d>cB>c .d.dz2 | g>fe>f .g.gz2 | g>fe>f g>fe>f | g>fe>f .g.gze | f>ag>g f>fe>e | d3/2f/4e/4dc BABG | c>BAB cdeg | g<e d>e c4 :| % W:Hark! I hear the foe advancing, Barbed steeds are proudly prancing, W:Helmets in the sunbeams glancing, Glitter through the trees. W:Men of Harlech lie ye dreaming? See ye not their falchions gleaming? W:While their pennants gaily streaming Flutter in the breeze. W:From the rocks abounding Let the war cry sounding, W:Summon all at Freedom's call; The haughty foe surrounding. W:Men of Harlech, on to glory, See your banner famed in story, W:Wave these burning words before thee, "Welshman scorns to yield". W:. W:Mid the fray see dead and dying, Friend and foe together lying, W:All around the gun shot flying, Scatters sudden death. W:Frightened steeds are wildly neighing, Brazen trumpets hoarsely braying, W:Wounded men for mercy praying With their parting breath. W:See they're in disorder! Comrades keep close order! W:Ever shall they rue the day, They ventured 'cross our border. W:Now the Saxons flee before us, Vict'ry's banner floateth o'er us. W:Raise the loud exulting chorus "Cymru wins the field". % % % % % % % % % %]


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From a facsimile c.1840: A Choice Collection of Fifty-One Welsh Airs

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